Increase your blog visitor’s stay in 5 easy steps

The internet suffers from an over-saturation of blogs, all in a race for the first-page Google rank, something we can only achieve if users frequent our websites. For this reason, it is important that you know how to attract users to your blog and hold their attention for a while (whereby you will lower your bounce rate). Here are five top-tips on how to achieve just that:


1. Offer quality content
Users will remain loyal visitors to a website if they find what they are looking for interesting and useful. That does not just mean that your content has to be plentiful and accurate, but it also means that your content has to be of a good quality (i.e. check and double check your spelling, grammar and facts).
2. Re-purpose and link posts
Older blog articles can always be re-purposed or updated (especially posts which have performed well) in order to give users what they want. This also provides you with a means of acquiring new posts, because let’s face it – we don’t always have the inspiration to find brand new, out-of-the-box articles. Add links to your other relevant articles to increase the time users spend on your blog, while adding value to your post and reducing your bounce rate.
3. All over clarity
The menu on your blog must be clearly visible, easy to navigate and provide the user with many options to follow such as; a contact page, an about page, archives and the like. Be sure to add other call-to-actions on your pages, like links to your social networking profiles, sharing buttons and a comment section, to indicate that you value your users’ input.
4. Recall your visitors
Speaking of call-to-actions, give your users the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. This ensures a returning visitor and one who will eventually start exploring your site, paying attention to more than just your current posts.
5. Show-off
Add a widget to your site which contains links to some of your most popular posts. Showing users your best articles sets the bar for expectations of the rest of the site high and users will be inclined to spend more time looking through your pages.


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