Tips on Overcoming Creative Block

Have you ever had “designers” block? Ever spend hours browsing through endless design inspiration sites looking for that one logo or illustration that will zap the creativity right back into you? I know I have and let me tell you, looking at other peoples work has never helped. I don’t have a magical cure for this but I do have some tips on what works for me.

Stop thinking!

CWBau1That’s tip number 1. Over thinking can seriously damage your creativity. Get back to basics and write down all the facts you have about your project, what message does it need to deliver and to which audience etc. Next research your client a bit more, visit their premises and see what stands out. For example, while I was interning we had to design a wine label, the designer of the project made a trip to the wine farm and was greeted with a beautiful cape dutch building, see ref pic. He immediately drew inspiration from the silhouette of the building and the rest just came naturally.

Brainstorm with colleagues, friends and family. Ideas can pop out of the strangest places, asking for help does not mean that you have failed. Remember in most cases the general public will be your audience so their input is far more valuable than you might think.

Work on your own time, ok this is easier said than done – for those with office hours this might not apply. If you are like me and your creativity goes off the radar at 10pm rather sleep in and start work a little later – there is no use in putting in the hours but not getting anywhere.

Go outside, go run or walk or just lie down in your garden, clear your mind. Being stuck in front of your computer wont do you any more good than being stuck outside. Who knows you might just get inspiration from that funny looking cloud that just floated by.

Go back to basics, take some crayons and paint – whatever – start creating – have some fun! This will surely get your creative juices flowing. I once had to design a coffee shop logo and decided to use actual coffee as my medium, after playing around with textures and coffee stains I had a pretty good idea where I was heading.

Go Wild, chuck the brief out of the window, go crazy and see what you end up with. We often work by these ridiculous rules and limits that we set for ourselves for no reason. Break them, you are already stuck so you have nothing to lose.

If you have any other tips or ideas post them in the comment section below and we will link back to your blog.


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