Headway Themes Intro

logo_headwayEver wished you had full control over your WordPress Theme? Full control over block sizes and types? Well brace yourself because Headway Themes will make your web design life a hell of a lot easier.

I started using Headway Themes in 2011 – building blogs, e-commerce sites, portfolios you name it. With Headway Themes you can fully and easily customize every single pixel of your site.

Below are some of the key features of Headway Themes:

Its live CSS editor is fantastic and each block you create has a shortcut which opens the CSS editor with the CSS class already typed.

Live-CSS css

Blocks (Footer, Header, Widget etc.) are created on a drag and drop (Click and Draw) basis. This makes any layout you could possibly want possible. Plus you can easily toggle between fixed and flued.


For blocks you have grid view and for design you have a visual editor. This image will show you just how easy it is to change your background color for instance. Every wrapper, body or block is fully customizable.


Another great feature recently released is snapshots – snapshots allow you to take a snap at any given point in time – if you later feel you would rather go back to a previous version of your design you can just snap back to that specific snapshot.


You can purchase Headway either for a single site, 3 sites or unlimited sites at very reasonable prices. I will be posting more in depth “how to’s” and will answer any questions – just comment below.

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