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Client controlled hosting

Recently one of my clients asked me to transfer their registered domain name to my server. The domain was hosted by the previous design company that they used. To my and I am sure my clients surprise they asked a substantial amount of money from my client to buy back his domain. I am not sure what their agreement was but it got me thinking how many other businesses have stumbled upon this problem.

It is very common in the web design industry for a client to move to a new company every couple of years, either for a fresh start or perhaps a family member offers to run their site. Whatever the case there is always a bit of drama that comes with moving domains.

To protect myself and my clients I have decided to change my web design package up a bit. Each new client will have their own hosting package. The monthly fees will be deducted from their own account and they will be able to move freely from designer to designer as they please. This will definitely have draw backs on my side, a lot more admin will be involved but in the long run I think it will be beneficial both ways.

I currently host with Web Africa and they have a lot of smaller packages available, as clients grow their websites and need more space they can upgrade as they please.

This might work for me as my business is very small but when you get to about 100+ clients this might get tricky. If anyone has a better solution, or have tried this already please leave your comments below.

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Tips on Overcoming Creative Block

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Google Translate App #Winning

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