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iFrogz Headphone Review

ifrogzI just purchased a pair of green iFrogz – InTone headphones. I am not one for spontaneous buys but I am going on a long flight and needed a pair that is tangle free and these were the cheapest option I could find. I am an audiophile but unfortunately I do not have the budget for Bose. I did not expect to much but as soon as I plugged it into my phone I was pleasantly surprised. It sounded pretty good, not too bassy nor too much trebble. The earbuds are comfortable and easy to clean. The cable is a decent length plus it has a microphone built in with remote.


14mm Driver Unit

32 Ohm Impedance

118dB Sensitivity

20Hz-20Khz Freq. Response

1.2m Cord Length

3.5mm L shape Plug

After traveling with these headphones for a few months I must say they are definitely not tangle free. They tangle less than normal headphones but I would still recommend them.


Google Translate App #Winning

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Jam Speakers

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